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All riders in these videos walked away. Yes, even the ones just doing the talking.

All kidding aside, we chose to share these videos because they highlight some of the worst types of falls. They are hard to watch, but they are perfect for showing how fast our air vest inflates and just how important having an air vest between you and the ground (or your horse) can be. As for the talking videos, pay attention, these are the videos that may help to ensure you walk away after you fall off too.

Point Two Air Vests - Coral King fall at Boekelo

Point Two Air Vests - Karim Florent Laghouag Fall

Point Two Air Vests - Mary King Commercial

Point Two Air Vests @ Galway Festival Jockey Air Vest

Point Two Air Vests - Prepare, Protect, Perform

Point Two Air Vests - Equestrian Safety Video 

Saddle up with Victoria Police

Point Two Air Vests -- Fitting Instructions

How to Reset your Trigger - Bayonet Style Canisters


Point Two Air Vests - Cowboy Up - ProAir

Point Two Air Vests - TRL - Dummy Testing Video

How to Reset your Trigger - Screw Style Canisters