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Put words in our mouth. What you say matters more than what we say.

We can go on for days about why we believe our air vests, air jackets, and body protectors are the best piece of rider safety equipment, short of a helmet, you can wear. But we’d rather hear you tell us if we’re right. Plus, we know people would rather hear from unbiased users anyway.

Here's what some top-level professional riders have said.

Boyd Martin

After a rotational fall, Boyd Martin said: "The Point Two air vest saved my neck. The next morning everything ached on my body except that areas the Point Two vest covered. It's important to have a Point Two protecting you." Boyd Martin recently added, "I love the new Hybrid – I feel like Superman in it!"

Karen O'Connor

I like to utilize all of the cutting edge technology when I go cross-country," said Karen O'Connor. "I can't even imagine anymore going cross-country without my Point Two vest; I just love it.

Jennie Brannigan

I am very happy with my new P2-RS Hybrid vest," said Jennie Brannigan. "It is so comfortable and a lot more streamlined than wearing a regular safety vest with the ProAir on top. The improved design is more professional looking, and it is much more convenient to zip up just one vest. I really liked how it felt to wear at my competitions this fall."

Sharon White

For me Eventing is all about confidence and when I have my Point Two on I feel like I can be thrown out of an airplane and be okay.

Mary King

I wouldn't want to go cross-country without my Point Two.

William Fox-Pitt

Wearing my Point Two Air Jacket has become second nature when riding cross-country at any level.

Champion Eventer Lucinda Green

I like the idea of instantly having an airbag around me to protect me. The plusses surely far outweigh any minuses that people may find.

(P2-RS) Surely this next step must be a bonus for safety and — if we are concerned by such things — elegance.

Graeme Thom, Canadian Eventing Team Chef d'Equipe

Point Two has improved safety in three-day eventing and the safety of the Canadian eventing team riders. We are pleased to highly commend Point Two's dedication to both our senior and young rider teams and are highly appreciative of their multi-generational effort.

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Here's what riders from all other levels have said.

Julie Scott

My fiance gave me a Point Two Air jacket for Christmas last year, and last week finally came its first test. I have a new horse, a 4 year old OTTB being trained as an event horse. He has a BIG jump and I got popped out of the tack over a ditch while cross country schooling. I landed on my back on a nice firm P2 cushion, and immediately sat up with a big grin on my face, saying "Wow that was AWESOME! I didn't even feel it!"

Thanks Point Two!

Jo Hillman

Dear Point two team,

Just thought you might like to know that I managed to set off my pro air jacket today. Got off to do a gate out hunting, unclipped, but must have caught my lanyard on something, because the air jacket inflated. Much hilarity all round! Still, I found out a number of things:

  • The noise was a bit like a gunshot - everyone heard it, but it didn't bother any of the horses
  • I had my pro-air jacket on under my hacking jacket, which is one size bigger than I would normally wear - there was room for the inflated vest, my buttons didn't pop off, and my jacket is fine
  • My hat got tipped forward by the neck support bit
  • The jacket went down reasonably quickly, and I managed to re-mount after the gate and carried on for the rest of the morning.

Many thanks.

Nicola Newall


Just to say thank you very much for my new air jacket, it is very stylish and looks much smarter than the original model. I'm sorry it has taken me ages to email, but thank you, I really appreciate it, and will use it regularly.

Kind regards, Nicola

Rylie Damm

Hello my name is Rylie Damm I wear a regular vest and then my point two air vest over it! In April I was showing at the Spring Bay horse trials in Kentucky when my 1200 pound horse reared up and fell backwards onto of my chest and lungs, he rolled over on my right leg to get back on his feet! I broke my leg but besides that I had not one scratch on me! I just wanted to thank you and let you know that you are doing a wonderful job keeping the eventing world a safe place, without you I would probably be dead right now!!! Thanks again sooo much!

Melinda King


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to your company. (All the way from Australia!)

About seven months ago I suffered a Injury at work, I now have two prolapsed disc's, the doctors say it could be up too 1-2 years till I'm back in the saddle, they are very concerned about me returning to riding, and so am I. Horses, Riding and competing has been my passion, love and my life so you could understand that when the doctors told me how serious this is and that ideally I should not return to riding I was devastated.

I since started to look into things and have discovered there are many people out there in the Equine industry both the every day rider and professional riders had the same/similar injury and returned to riding. So that gave me hope. But my biggest concern then was, what if I have a bad fall or not even a bad fall but hurt my back? Well I looked into all of the Protective vests on the market and really was disappointed, uncomfortable and not quite the standard that I need.

I am not a person who falls off often but as the doctors explained to me, for myself with two prolapsed discs whether they do end up having to do major surgery and replace the disc's in my back or not, Its a permanent injury which can be worsened, so I have to take every precaution I can.

I came across a video of a customer of yours using the vest emailed to me by a friend who I had expressed concern too, and then I looked up as much information I could find on the internet about your company.

Please excuse my long winded email but I was just writing to convey the hope and joy you have given me, for returning to riding, It even makes going back to jumping possible in the future for me.

Sadly due to my injury and not being able to work money is tight so I don't actually have one yet, but before it gets to the point that I can get back in the saddle I will be saving to ensure I have one before even the first sit back in the saddle.

Thank you for giving hope back to those of us with serious ongoing injuries who wish to return to the sport. I look forward to seeing more of your ingenious products on the market.

Charlotte O'Connell

I was wearing my Point 2 today when my horse put in a serious spook.

We were riding along a road when he started to spook and run sideways and backwards... he went back into a high grass verge, slipped and I came off. It could have been a very nasty accident because of how and where I fell, but I don't have a bruise on me.

This is the most fantastic piece of kit. I will never go anywhere on my horse without it... and I now have the confidence to take his training further.

Thanks soooo much!

It really is fantastic... two days later and no aches, no stiffness, no whiplash... never been in that position after a fall before!

Andrew Scott

I competed at Northallerton BE90 yesterday and had a fall whilst wearing my Point-Two jacket. I am hugely impressed by the product.

My mare (a very green horse) was travelling well but ran out causing me to fall "out the side door". The ground was very firm, and she's a big horse at 17.1h, so I hit the ground hard. The force of the impact was absorbed by the jacket, which also protected my neck. I have no ill-effects this morning, other than a slight stiffness in my left leg!

I have had similar falls in the past suffering (amongst other things) slight whiplash. The contrast in my well-being between then and now is remarkable. Fantastic.

Kind regards, Andrew Scott

Sarah Harrington

Hi, My name is Sarah Harrington and I event up to Advanced level, I got a point 2 jacket at the end of last year and have recently just had a fall (picture attached) at an intermediate horse trial, All I came away with was a bruised knee and a stiff neck! I am highly recommending it to a lot of people!

Keri Llewellyn

The Jacket has just arrived!!! Thank you so much for all your help and excellent customer service. I am very impressed.

Thank you again

Kind Regards, Keri

Sarah Jane Page

Just an email to say how impressed I am with your air jacket - my daughter had a rotational fall on Sunday at a Pony Club Tetrathlon Competition and she was wearing your air jacket. The paramedics were very impressed with it and said if she had not been wearing it she would have broken her pelvis and shoulders as the pony came down on top of her. I can only recommend it to all my friends who saw the horrific accident and saw her walk away.