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Our integrity is also measured by whether you get back up on the horse.

We take pride in knowing that the measure of your character is somewhat complemented by the measures of ours. The way we see it, what we do can give you the ability and the confidence to do what you do, again and again. While Point Two does not claim to eliminate the risk of injury to a rider wearing an air vest, we have shown that wearing a well-maintained and properly connected Point Two air vest provides riders with greatly increased injury protection. It’s the best way we can help you have the confidence to try and try again.


When we tested our vests. We had them tested at a higher-than-normal level. In this video you will see, in action, how our vest can keep your chest from impacting a hard object, like a jump pole or the ground, from a height that is greater than what is required. Why did we have it tested that way? Because you may be riding a 14.2 Arab or you may be riding an 18.2 Holsteiner, either way, we know you'll be safer if you come off.

It is our mission to eliminate as much of the danger as possible and make every ride a safer one. We have worked tirelessly to improve inflation rates and increase coverage while not increasing weight or decreasing comfort and mobility. We know the statistics and we know the hesitations, but the thing is, we also know the difference an air vest can make if you come off. For this reason alone, we will not stop trying to make our air vests and your lives safer.


When a rider is thrown from a horse, the Point Two air vest will inflate within one tenth of a second. It will absorb shock, distribute impact and support your spinal column. It will help protect your collarbones, ribs, coccyx and internal organs. But, if all of this vital protection from one piece of equipment doesn’t affect your choice, let us remind you that the best thing to be wearing after a fall, is a smile.

It really is what’s inside that counts. Or, in our case, what’s not.

Our air vests all have one single air bag. No separate chambers. This is why our air bags inflate faster than others on the market. There are no narrow passages to choke the CO2 dispersion, or chambers that can fold over on each other when a bend in the body occurs. Our air vests are just one continuous, safe and comforting air hug.


Servicing and Warranty

It is important to service your air vest or air jacket yearly, after six inflations (yikes, you have a naughty horse) or a particularly heavy fall. This ensures it is in optimal working order. We professionally clean the shell, clean and test the trigger and replace the air bag. It’s like a brand new vest again.

All Point Two air vests and jackets come with a lifetime warranty on the air bag and trigger system. This warranty is subject to having the air vest serviced annually by Point Two.