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We don’t just service your vest. We make sure you never have to buy a new one. SERIOUSLY, never.

Our vests are built so that every part can be replaced. And replaced by us. Not some far away manufacturing facility or distribution center. It's simple – you send it to us, we service it, and we send it back to you in new condition. How new? We put a brand new airbag in it, we professionally clean it and we inspect, clean and service the trigger mechanism.

We also have a “grow with us” program. Let's say your child has outgrown their vest, or maybe your size has changed – during your next service, for just $200 Black/$235 Color we can change out your air vest for one that fits properly. Even if you become bored with the color, we can change that on vests with color options for a marginal fee. So, you see, old becomes new, small becomes big, big becomes small, and you become safe and happy.

NOTE: If you have an older model vest (one that uses screw canisters) or a P2RS, we can no longer service it. You will need to upgrade through our upgrade program.


You wear it,

you use it,

you don’t get hurt,

you send it to us.

We repair it, we clean it, we send it back to you. You feel like you got a brand new vest.

We recommend you have your vest or jacket serviced yearly or after six inflations. Your safety depends on it. Your warranty depends on it. We replace the air bag. We professionally clean it, and we inspect and clean the trigger system and, of course, we can make any repairs needed (applicable fees are listed on the form).


Join our service program, and get unmatchable service for an unbeatable price. Plus, it’s like getting a new vest back every time you send it in.


InVest in your vest. This program increases the value of our already incredible service offering. By participating, you can send your vest in every year for five years, at a prepaid, discounted rate. Or you could just not join and send it in every year like the people who don’t like great deals. Note: This service is only available for current, bayonet style vests. Don't worry, we have an upgrade program too.

Change your vest color to suit your mood. Even if your mood is the absence of color. That’s black if you didn’t already know.

Our most popular model, the ProAir, comes in 13 different colors (some are special order) and the Hunter comes in 4. If you chose black, because you thought it would go with anything, but now realize that pale blue matches your show colors perfectly. Don’t worry. Just send it back and we’ll change it (applicable fees are listed on the form). Remember at the top of this page when we said you would never have to buy a new jacket? This is just further proof that we weren’t lying.