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We have a vest for everyone. Seriously, every single person should own a vest.

Whether you Event, Hunt or ride trails, we have the perfect vest for you. Increase your safety level and increase your fun level too.


The ProAir is a lightweight and durable choice for Eventing, Polo, Schooling, and Trail riding. All in the same day, if you’re also durable enough.

Because of it’s light weight and incredible durability, the ProAir is our most popular air vest.

Get enough air to spare.

Always carry a spare canister or even two. The beauty of our air vests and jackets is that they are reusable immediately after deflation and installation of a new canister. Just reset the trigger and install a new canister and continue riding with confidence.

More saddles, more straps.

If you have more than one horse, it’s safe to say you have more than one saddle. Get a saddle strap for each saddle so that you’re never trying to remember to switch it between rides.

Optimize your size.

There are two sizes. Adult and Child. Adult will have red stitching and the child will have yellow stitching. If you need to replace a lanyard...


NOTE: there are two types of lanyards (old trigger system fit and new)

The Hunter has a cleaner look than the ProAir, with all the same protection for when things get dirty.

Looking sharp is just part of the hunt experience. We designed the Hunter with a zipper closure to enhance the silhouette. This way you can Hunt more safely and still look distinguished while doing it.

Although dubbed “Hunter” this vest is recommended for Western and Trail use. The zip enclosure helps keep the horn from catching like it might on the ProAir buckles. It also makes for a clean,  elegant look for Dressage...just sayin'.

This body protector meets the highest European and Beta Level 3 certification standards. But, we designed it that way so it would meet ours.

A body protector works best when paired with an air vest. That being said, either way you decide to gear up, this vest will give you comfort, protection, and best of all, peace of mind.

The safest thing to keep between you and the ground is air.

Any seasoned rider will tell you that you’re not a true rider if you’ve never come off your horse. The majority will then tell you how important it is to wear the correct protection. A helmet and body protector are obvious, of course. But, those who have worn an air vest will immediately say something like “my air vest saved my life”. This is why we do what we do. “My air vest saved my life” is the very phrase that encourages Point Two to continue innovating industry-leading air vests and air jackets.

We have consistently redefined the level of protection by decreasing inflation time and increasing coverage. There are no gaps or separate chambers in our air bags. That’s one reason they inflate faster than others. .080 seconds, to be exact! We’re so dedicated to improvement that we’ve surpassed our own name. .2 (Point Two) used to be the industry-leading inflation time. Not anymore. We won’t be changing our name to “Point Zero Eight Zero” though. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well.

Point Two air vests inflate using a large CO2 canister in the front of the jacket (larger than most competitors). When a rider falls from the saddle, a lanyard attached to the rider and the saddle separates and triggers the CO2 to deploy. The airbag inflates in less than one tenth of a second — roughly equivalent to the blink of an eye. The air vest then holds the rider tight for 15-20 seconds before slowly deflating over 2-3 minutes. While the air vest is inflated, the rider continues to have full movement of their waist, arms and legs, and partial movement of their head. That makes it easier to dust yourself off and try again.