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There's a story to every crash. It's easier to tell if you were wearing our air vest. Read below if you would like proof.

Our facts, specs, certifications, and stories are all true and good, but we know yours are richer and waaaay more interesting. Share them with us and we’ll share them with your fellow bikers.

Three time British Speedway Champion Chris Harris

"Wearing my Point Two Air Jacket feels comfortable and safe, wearing it, I feel I can push myself that little bit more." And after a crash in Poland, July 2012: "Very pleased to be wearing my air jacket - it's a great safety product."

Heat 10 Kings Lynn, Speedway World Cup, Event 2, 2012

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Other the top name Speedway riders now wearing the Point Two air jackets include:

  • Jason Bunyan – Coventry (Elite League / Rye House Rockets Premier League / 7 times NZ Speedway Champion / NZ GP Wildcard)
  • Charlie Gjedde – Belle Vue Aces ( Elite League / Rye House Rockets Premier League) Rides in Danish World cup squad and Danish League)
  • Anders Rowe – 11 year old – already signed to Swedish league team. Swindon & Rye House Mascot
  • Robert Lambert – 14 year old / rides in German league / currently unbeaten in Juniors and showing huge promise in Senior Class
  • Ollie Greenwood – Raiders / National League – recovering from plated collar bone – currently unbeaten in last 3 meetings
  • Sean Mason – World U21 qualifier – to be signed for Premier league 2013 with many successes at many amateur meetings

Heat 4a 160312

Speedway Gouden Helm Veenoord 29 sept 2012 2e Finale chrash Robert lambert

Patrick Hougaard

A special thanks to Point Two Motorsport. 
I think my Point Two Air Jacket saved me from a lot of damage last Wednesday at Belle Vue. 
I "only" broke my hand, nose and cut my knee.
 My gloves, helmet and kneebrace is broken but I don’t even have a black mark on my upper body.!!

Thanks a lot again

Anders Rowe

I saw the crashes that Jason Bunyan walked away from and I knew I wanted a jacket! My Point Two Air Jacket is extra protection that I put on before I ride, giving me extra confidence knowing that if I crash it will go off and I can push that little bit harder! I love it!

Phil Rogers - Team Hougaard

I don't think I'm wrong in stating that Patrick Hougaard is very thankful that he didn't suffer worse injuries after his crash last night at Belle Vue, Manchester. I've been attending races since the 70's and I can honestly say that the crash was one of the worst crashes that I have seen. Patrick picked up some grip from a rut caused by a recent stock car meeting, this caused him to wheely into the tractor entrance gate area. The gate was knocked off its hinges by the impact of rider and motorcycle, Patrick suffered a broken hand, nose and has stitches in his knee, his hand is the major concern being a bit of a mess.... Thank you Point Two Air Jackets

Steve Parrish

"I am convinced these jackets are the future to making motorcycling safer"

Oliver Greenwood

Visited the fence for the 3rd time wearing my point two air jacket last night , once again my jacket saved me ! So glad I bought mine!

Marvin Harding

I wear mine all the time on the bike. Hopefully I won't have need to test it out, but you never know, it's just something else I put on before riding, no one would ride without a helmet these days, the Point 2 jacket will also be as necessary to bikers in the future I am sure.

Glen Phillips

Just want to say a huge thank you to Point Two Motorsport, for giving me the chance to test their new air jacket this season. I wouldn't get on a bike without one now, and definately recommend them to all my race friends.

JW, London

Last Christmas my caring wife bought me a Point Two Inflatable Motorbike Jacket for added protection. The cool thing is the vest fits over a normal motorcycle jacket and is virtually unnoticeable except for the lanyard that attaches to the motorcycle. I am an ex motocross racer who was forced to retire after I ripped my knee apart. However I started riding motorcycles again 8 years ago and have loved my daily commute to work and weekend rides with friends.

It didn't take long to put my newest accessory to the test. Whilst commuting to work one morning near Twickenham Rugby Ground a car made an illegal u-turn right in front of me, before I knew what was happening I was lying on the floor after being body slammed into the car in question. I looked down and noticed that my inflatable jacket had deployed as designed and I had minimal injuries of which I should have had several broken ribs and severe whiplash, I sustained a damaged shoulder and medium case of whiplash.

I know it is an expensive bit of kit but it was worth every penny and I can't recommend it highly enough, just a pity my bike wasn't wearing one as it was a write off!

AC, Barnsley

Having been knocked off my bike twice in the past by cars whose excuse was 'sorry mate......' even though riding with three lights and hi viz vest on I thought it prudent to look at buying one of the rider air vest/jackets that are on the market now. Whilst at the bike show at the NEC in November 2011 I visited the stand of Point Two Ltd and bought a high-viz air vest. I bought the vest as opposed to a jacket for the simple reason that I have a number of jackets for summer, winter and hot weather riding and the vest would be used all year round.

9:10am on February 29th 2012 was when it paid for itself. Whilst riding on my BMW adventure to a meeting in Halifax I had an accident, which saw me run at 20mph into the back of an almost stationary car that had to brake suddenly. The result was that I was thrown forward off the bike and rolled off the car boot landing on the road looking back at the damaged bike. The Airvest had inflated protecting my front, back and neck and acted as a cushion when impacting on the car, in effect I 'bounced' off his boot. As for injuries, the only ones I received was a bruise on my thigh where my leg hit one of my mirrors, a couple of grazes on my shins and a dented pride at having had such a stupid accident.

I am 6ft 3" tall and weigh in at 21 1/2 stone and so the vest did its job even on someone of my size. What can I say, to walk away from an accident with two grazes and one bruise is good even if the bike is written off. I dread to think of what injuries I would have received had it not been for the Airvest, certainly a lot more bruises and probably damaged collar bones at the very least.

All I need now is another bike and a new gas cylinder for the vest. If ever there was a prize for the best safety feature then this Airvest should get it.

M Harding

I wear mine all the time on the bike. Hopefully I won't have need to test it out, but you never know. It's just something else I put on before riding, no one would ride without a helmet these days, the Point Two jacket will also be as necessary to bikers in the future I am sure.