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Never, ever buy another air vest.

Our vests are built so that they can be repaired and serviced by us. This way, you won’t go unprotected for your next ride because you had to send it to a European manufacturing facility or authorized distribution center. You send it to us, we service it, and we send it back to you in new condition. We replace the air bag. We professionally clean it. And, if you have road rash on the outer shell, we will replace it (minimal fee applies). So, you see, since everything old or used can be made new again, you never need something new.

Road rash happens, grease and grime stains happen, and even bug guts happen.

It just so happens that we can make it seem like none of that ever happened.

Whether it’s just to look presentable at bike night or to be confident while racing, we recommend that you have your vest or jacket serviced yearly, after six inflations, or after a crash with a hard impact. Your safety depends on it. Not to mention, your warranty depends on it. So, between seasons, have your vest renewed. We replace the airbag. We professionally clean it. We inspect and clean the trigger system and, of course, we can make any repairs needed (applicable fees are listed on the form). We also offer a fresh canister at a 50% discount, so your air vest is ready to go when you are.

InVest in your vest.

We already told you that we recommend servicing your vest at least once a year. But we highly recommend joining our service program. Why? We’re glad you asked. In our program, you can send your dirty, used vest in every year for five years and get a practically new one back. Or you could just be a rebel and send it in whenever you want (as long as it’s every year) and shun society and our deal. Note: This service is only available for current, bayonet style vests. Don't worry, we have an upgrade program.

Speaking of canisters - when you sign up to InVest in your vest, you get 2 FREE canisters. That's 2 more reasons not to be so rebellious.