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Our vests offer protection beyond belief. And, we have the certification to prove it.

Point Two Air Vests are one of only two brands manufactured in the world to receive certification for road and track use. That means you can rest assured that when you are wearing one, you have the best protection available in an air vest. EN 1621-4:2013 is printed right on the label, if you still don't believe us.

The ProAir MC is huge in protection but small in weight.

This vest delivers the largest area of protection in the industry. Win! Yet, it’s so light that you won’t even remember that you are wearing it. Win! That makes wearing our air vest a win-win. Oh, by-the-way, it’s both street and race certified EN 1621-4:2013. So, that is a whole other level of win!

Be seen while taking in the views.

A neon yellow base for daytime with extremely reflective striping for night gives you safety on top of safety. The HiViz makes it hard for other drivers to miss you. We offer the fastest inflation rate available, in case they don't. If you prefer to be seen on the track where there are no cars, it's also race certified EN 1621-4:2013.

Carry some air to spare.

Always carry a spare canister or even two. The beauty of our air vests is that they are reusable. After an incident you can just install a new canister and continue riding with peace of mind.

Optimize your size.

Designed specifically for bikes, this lanyard has a soft cloth surround on the clip to save your bike's tank from being scratched, nicked or otherwise. See, we care about your bike's safety too.

We get all puffed up about safety. Both figuratively and literally.


There are two kinds of riders. Those who have crashed and those who will. It’s not something anyone wants to speak about, but unfortunately, it’s just what happens when you live life with two less wheels than everyone else. One thing any seasoned rider will tell you, is how important it is to wear the correct protection. A helmet, gloves and boots will be the first things, of course. But the ones who have worn an air vest and gone down will immediately say something like, “my air vest saved my life”. That statement alone is what encourages us to continue to innovate and create industry-leading air vests and air jackets.

We have constantly raised the bar by decreasing inflation time and increasing coverage. You will not find any gaps or separate chambers between our air bags. That’s one reason they inflate faster than others. In fact, when we opened our doors, we set the industry-leading inflation rate at .2 seconds. We were so proud, we named ourselves Point Two. The good news for you is that we now have it down to .080 seconds. The bad news to us is that we’ve out-done our name. But we aren’t changing it to “Point Zero Eight Zero.” That just sounds weird.

Point Two air vests inflate using a large CO2 canister in the front of the jacket (larger than most competitors). When a rider falls from the bike, a lanyard attached to the rider and the seat strap triggers the CO2 to deploy. The airbag will inflate within one tenth of a second — roughly equivalent to the blink of an eye. The air vest is designed to hold the rider tight and not move. This is how it protects all your important bits. While the jacket is inflated, the rider will continue to have full movement of their waist, arms and legs, and partial movement of their head. Which makes it easier to dust yourself off and pick up your bike.

Watch us blow stuff up.

You're attached to your bike. Let us show you how we can be too.

Below are instructions for attaching the lanyard to your bike. It is important that you have little to no slack when clipped in. After all, the quicker your lanyard is pulled, the quicker your vest inflates. The quicker your vest inflates, the quicker you can get up off the ground.


 NOTE: If you ride a Dual Sport or Supermoto bike, make sure you make your lanyard long enough to stand on the pegs before becoming taught.