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Point Two
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ProAir Air Jacket Air Vest Front


The Point Two ProAir is the...


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child's proair jacket air vest

Child's ProAir

The Point Two Child's ProAir is the...


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Black Point Two Hunter Air Jacket air vest Front


The NEW Hunter works like a ProAir but...


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Point Two Soft Shell Vest Front

Soft Shell

Introducing the Point Two Soft Shell -...


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Point Two P2-RS Hybrid air jacket air vest front


The P2-RS is built on a "chassis" of...


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point two air jacket air vest co2 bayonet fitting canister

Replacement CO2 Canister

Replacement or extra air canister that...


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point two air jacket air vest bungee lanyard

Bungee Lanyard

The lanyard attaches the riders jacket...


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point two air jacket air vest saddle attachment

Saddle Attachment

Nylon stirrup strap that loops between...


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ProAir Air Jacket Air Vest Front

USEA 5 year Service Package

Purchase a 5 year Service Package and...


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Special offer for USEA Members.

Point Two Air Vest USA is offering 1000 Air Vests on an amazing give away only available to the first 1000 USEA Members

Commitment to a 5 (five) year servicing package $375.00 ($75.00 each year)
Commitment must be paid in full at time of agreement up front.

Terms and conditions:
In addition to the service plan, customer must pay shipping of $17.00 anywhere in USA. This fee is subject to changed based on UPS shipping rates. We will commit a price each year; this $17.00 is committed till the end of 2016.

The customer must purchase at least 1 canister at full price once a year. Direct from point Two USA at time of service.

The customer must send their jacket in annually for service. If the customer goes over 13 months without sending the vest in for their free service, they will be charged $75.00 to reinstate the service plan. If they go 25 months they will be charged $150.00 to reinstate the service plan.

The reason we are offering this is to educate riders that an air jacket is only as good as the air bag inside. It is imperative to service your jacket regularly to maintain the integrity of the vest, thus keeping the rider safe as possible.

Every year we will replace the vest with a new airbag. We will inspect the pistons, springs, and parts and will replace if needed. If the outer shell is damaged the customer will be required to purchase a new shell at the cost of $100.00. This is a shell replacement at a 50% discount to our regular price.

By doing this service plan, we believe the ultimate safety can be affordable for all riders.

We hope this offer interests you and look forward to hearing from you soon.