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Lifetime Warranty on all airbags - register now

All Point Two air jackets now come with a lifetime year warranty on the airbag component. The warranty covers jackets purchased from any Point Two outlet and is applicable to the original owner of the jacket.

The warranty is subject to the jacket being serviced annually by Point Two. The jacket will be serviced by a Point Two engineer who will make an initial visual assessment of the jacket, test the integrity of the shell, the trigger system and the airbag and checked for any signs of wear and tear that might impede its performance.

If any reduction in the airbag performance is detected when inflating during testing (either while still in the shell or removed from the shell) the airbag will be replaced FOC for the customer.

The jacket will then be reassembled and test inflated before being returned to the owner with a breakdown of the condition of each area of the jacket.

If a jacket is purchased second hand the remainder of any warranty can only be transferred once the jacket has been submitted for a service and jacket assessment.

If you have already purchased your Point Two jacket and have submitted it for a service it will automatically be eligible for the warranty. If you have not previously submitted your jacket for servicing register your details here and we will confirm whether it is eligible.